The Day 1 - 3, 5,6,7 … till exams

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  • Often parents and students askquestions as to how to remember such a vast portion for a single  day of the exam ?
  • As we are aware by now , study has two basic components- Conceptual Understanding and Remembering (Memorising )
  • The above formula is all about memorising.
  • This obviously applies to Biology and more so for Inorganic Chemistry.
  • So what it is ? Let us take an example of studyingP- Block . We are aware that it’s a vast topic , covered half in class 11 and remaining in class 12 .
  • For such a huge topic , obviously first step is the divide it into sub topics . Here it’s already done for you – Group 13 14 15 16 17 & 18.
  • So let us take an example of group 16 .
  • If you study group 16 – on a particular date , call it day1 . Being still a very big topic , you will still take 4/5 hours easily. So you are finally done with group 16 after spending more than half a day . You wonder , OMG , I have still to do Biology , study for the upcoming Test , and the whole feeling is – I have hardly studied today – just one group 16 , that too hotchpotch by the time you reach sulphuric acid. ( remember that – all topics at the end of chapter remain weak as by the time you reach there , you are thoroughly fed up .)
  • Yes , all this time is really pretty much wasted  , if you decide not to touch group 16 for another 1.5 months ( this is a typical time , Group 16’s turn will come again in your time table .)
  • In such a case , after you open Group 16 after 1.5 months , your reaction will be – I remember absolutely nothing . I am completely blank . I am taking as much  time or even more than my first study . So what did you achieve by spending those 5 hours a month and half back and again an equal amount today ?

Nothing. And this happens all the time. So will you still remember something after this second study after 1.5 month? Yes, maybe by chance. But remember, there is a group 13.14,15, 17 & 18 also, which you have to remember and also correlate. And this cannot happen by chance. NEET Preparation in Pune

  • So how do you go about it?
  • There comes a rule of day 1 – 3, 5,7 ,7 …. Till exams .
  • Considering the first date of study of group 16 as day 1 ( 5 hours put in ) , the first revision or second study should be exactly 3 days after this date . You will take around 2/3 hours still . But it’s still better than 5 hours . Remember to do Sulphuric acid first 😀.. remember all topics at the end of the chapter are weak links.  The third study of the same topic should be 5 days after date of second study or technically 8 days after the first study , wherein it will be a taking you anhour or so . The next subsequent revisions should be every 7 days and finally you will reach a stage , – I call it THE TURNING PAGES stage , where you are just flipping pages and eye revising the important points .
  • So here it goes –dayv1 – 3,5 ,7 ,7 …. Till exams . So how it works is that – when you are doing your third revision of group 16 , it may be your second revision of group 17 and first of group 18 on the same very day . This is exactly how you keep picking up and adding data, storing it , and retrieving it periodically .
  • At a pro stage – which is in the last month before the exams , entire P Block should be over in 2 hours . Well it never takes lesser time than this ! By then , you have reached at a stage of turning pages for all the individual groups.
  • Believe me , this is the only way to memorise all the portion in the last few days prior to the NEET  exam . I don’t call it THE DAY and all  and terrorise you . Actually it’s just another MTP or a FST , and nothing more . 
  • So be ice cool , follow the process . Remember you can handle only one of the two things at a given point- either stress or hard work . So do the hard work now , as there is no stress of a nearing exam . In the last 2 months , some amount of stress is inevitable. At that point of time, you don’t want to harass your body with laborious work . At that time – make sure you reach the TURNING PAGES stage for almost all your portion . Then these are the most beautiful two months – you are happily browsing through the pages whole day , giving one FST in the afternoon, after the answer key is released , analysis of mistakes and relevant reading and finally , end the day with a DELICIOUS DINNER waiting for you . Finally – bacchekepadhaikaraasta pet se hokar hi jaatahain !