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Dr. Sandhya Bhadane

1 shreenivas Bhadane family photo

Shreenivas Bhadane my son had joined APMA for test series for Neet 2022. It was a great experience . It really helped him to practice Neet level questions.They have a good question bank with wide variety of Neet oriented questions. Dr. Prabhu’s timely guidance helped him boost his Neet preperation.Thank you so much team APMA.

Dr. Sandhya Bhadane
(Mother of shreenivas Bhadane)

Dr. Ruchira and | Dr. Sameer Saxena.

Raavi Saxena family photo
At APMA, academics, the core of preparations for NEET is well taken care of by able and supportive teachers.  Feedback and doubt-solving are always welcomed and teacher – student discussions are scheduled at regular intervals. Focus is only NCERT based as prescribed by the NTA.
NEET preparations primarily need coaching and studies but at the same time, there are elements of mental strength, reassurance, self-confidence, and most of all sustained focus coupled with planning. Raavi was raised from episodes of self-doubt to confidence and, she was always reassured she was on the right track or corrected to the right path when she deviated. APMA ensured her focus stayed and helped her to meticulously plan her studies. APMA believes in a holistic approach to the examination and it works.
You are monitored at every step. Pressures of NEET are ably handled by counselors. APMA is cautious to not overburden the student leading to an unnecessary ‘burnout ‘.  APMA is family, and if you trust your family, then trust APMA.
Dr. Ruchira and | Dr. Sameer Saxena.
(Parents of Raavi Saxena)

Dr. Kavita & Dr. Sanjay Veer.

Shruti Veer family photo
The Performance Enhancement Programme designed by APMA was an excellent way to understand the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, it was tailored specially for each one of them and helped in thorough analysis. The tests are all strictly NCERT based and are a mirror for the student’s preparation.
Throughout the journey, the entire faculty of APMA has been very supportive, not only in the academic part, but also to motivate and guide the students in the right direction.
We, as parents, are very grateful to Prabhu Sir and the entire team of APMA for their time, encouragement and sincere efforts. You have had quite an instrumental role in climbing this mountain called NEET.
Dr. Kavita & Dr. Sanjay Veer.
(Parents of Shruti Veer)

Mrs. Aarti &Mr. Anand Kanyalkar

Vaishnavi kanyalkar family photo
Thank you very much to Doctor Abhang Prabhu medical academy it’s not an academy it’s a Gurukul, where I found faith in Guru’s students and Students on Guru.
 I am very grateful to Doctor Abhang Prabhu Sir, an energetic, disciplined, confident, and talented person, and his whole team.
In a systematic way, they shape the diamonds. I do not have words to express my gratitude.
All teachers Sachin Sir, Hemal Sir, Tejas Sir, GS Sir, DM Sir, Natu Sir, Himani ma’am, Sheetal Ma’am, Ami ma’am, Forum ma’am, and entire team who put their all efforts to teach and guide the tricks of MCQ, their short forms to remember the information.
I am also thankful to the coordinator of this Gurukul, Yugandhara madam, Sanit Sir, and their colleagues.
Thank you once again to Prabhu Sir for giving me confidence right at the initial stage that Vaishnavi has talent and she will definitely crack the NEET with a good score as a part of this team.
Mrs. Aarti &Mr. Anand Kanyalkar
(Parents of Vaishnavi kanyalkar)

Dr. Dasmit Singh.

Hunar khokar family photo
APMA…the need of our times:
In competitive times such as these, what better to expect than a coaching class so focussed on whetting out the student’s potential? APMA is all that and much more.
The polish that they are able to give to the student and get them to perform in a high-strung environment, under the weight of intense competition, is absolutely exemplary.
Their follow-up for each student and individualized approach, over and above the attention to detail, is their innate strength which helps each child to aim and perform way above their natural ability.
Kudos to APMA for helping my daughter and I am sure they will go a long way in benefitting protean other students to crack the NEET exam.
Dr. Dasmit Singh.
(Father of Hunar khokar)

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