At APMA, academics, the core of preparations for NEET is well taken care of by able and supportive teachers.  Feedback and doubt-solving are always welcomed and teacher – student discussions are scheduled at regular intervals. Focus is only NCERT based as prescribed by the NTA.
NEET preparations primarily need coaching and studies but at the same time, there are elements of mental strength, reassurance, self-confidence, and most of all sustained focus coupled with planning. Raavi was raised from episodes of self-doubt to confidence and, she was always reassured she was on the right track or corrected to the right path when she deviated. APMA ensured her focus stayed and helped her to meticulously plan her studies. APMA believes in a holistic approach to the examination and it works.
You are monitored at every step. Pressures of NEET are ably handled by counselors. APMA is cautious to not overburden the student leading to an unnecessary ‘burnout ‘.  APMA is family, and if you trust your family, then trust APMA.

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