NEET 2023 Preparation Strategy, Study Plan, Online Coaching

NEET 2023 Preparation Strategy, Study Plan, Online Coaching

Academy For Medical Entrance Examinations

How to Start Preparing for NEET 2023?

  • Start a habit to study every day. With time you will be able to study for long hours without losing concentration.
  • Give up mugging and lay emphasis on understanding concepts and applying them on problems.
  • Work on your calculations in terms of accuracy and speed. Try to be accurate as well as fast. This needs practice.
  • Improve your analytical skills. Try to solve the same problem with different methods.
  • Make notes from the start of your preparation. You can include important points, shortcuts, formulas, reactions, mistakes, etc. Notes will help you in revision.
  • Focus on learning time management, discipline, following a routine, and clearing basic concepts.

NEET 2023 Preparation Strategy in Class 12

Academy For Medical Entrance Examinations
  • Make a study routine, a timetable for NEET, giving equal importance to Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Consistency is very important, instead of studying all night one day and sleeping on the next day, it is better to study for equal hours on both days.
  • Block your study time. Decide the hours of the day that are most suitable for you to study, and inform your family and friends that you will not be available during this time.
  • Collect all the required books and study material for NEET preparation. Keep NCERT textbooks as priority. Start from the basics. Thoroughly read your NCERTs, all the texts, diagrams, captions, summary, points to ponder, tables.
  • Break down the topic into several parts and learn one by one. Visualize things. Draw diagrams. Translate the complicated words into plain simple language for better understanding and learning.
  • Have a good theoretical knowledge of everything. The advantage of reading theory of all the topics is whenever you see a question, you will have a fair idea about what topic the question revolves around and what are the probable concepts which you can use to solve that question.
  • Never satisfied by just solving the question and finding the right answer. See if there are better ways or methods to reach the solution in a shorter time.
  • If you are not able to understand the topic after multiple efforts, ask someone who knows the topic, like your teacher or a NEET subject expert. It’s way more efficient to ask for help so that you can move forward quicker. Saves a lot of time and stress.
  • Give tests according to the NEET exam pattern to assess your learning and performance. Start with time bound chapter-wise tests, then part tests of multiple chapters, and at last full paper tests after completing the syllabus.
  • Analyse your performance in tests. Make a note of the mistakes and rectify them before attempting the next test.

    NEET 2023 Timetable

  • Think about when you do your best study. Recognize your strengths and how your energy shifts throughout the day and plan your timetable accordingly.
  • Write down the topics you want to cover during the week, and try to complete your daily or weekly targets.
  • If you are not able to follow your schedule, figure out what went wrong, plan for it, and try again.
  • Your timetable should provide flexibility if any subject or topic requires more time than allotted, or when a test is scheduled for the next day.
  • Be consistent. Daily study is the most important skill you need to crack NEET.



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