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We are all aware of the critically high level of NEET examination. Best NEET Coaching in Pune, Some of the international websites have ranked NEETas the toughest competitive exam of the world. 17 lakh appearing and competing for 10000 merit seats in the country and less than a thousand in the state. That too, if you desire to be in a good college, you require a rank in first few hundreds.

To begin with, let us assume a few universal facts that are taken as granted.

Each and every student is studying extremely hard for a minimum of two years, some for even four to five years.
All coaching classes and centres provide ample knowledge and data.They are really good with  exemplary teachers of high repute and high-scorerecord.

So now, what next? Considering the above facts, are you still certain of a good score? May be .. or May not be. Yes, if you are born with a 47th chromosome of 720 marks, you should thank your trisomy and enjoy. You need nothing , just hope that there are no mutants and you will sail through.

All training programs ( I call this a program as it is goal-based time-bound process ) have their own merits.

 So what is the USP of Dr. Abhang Prabhu’s Medical Academy?


NEET is not a descriptive exam where your knowledge is the only thing that is tested. It is a MCQ exam, where a lot of skills are tested.

Also let us assume that after rigorous coaching of two years, I would say,  that almost all the good students have the same knowledge base. So, without a specific smart strategic study plan, which gives you an edge, qualifying with a high score is challenging. Now can this plan be the same for everyone? It can’t be! Every student is different with varied weaknesses and strengths , and the funniest part is that the students themselves are not even aware of these.

So there you need a screening test. You need a teacher who reads the child at a personal level, assesses him and pinpoints his strengths and makes a plan to augment them,  and also at the same time fills in the voids. And mind you,  this is not a one-time process. It has to be a continuous dynamic process, obviously as the plusses and minuses of the student are constantly changing as the preparation goes along and hence the plan.


The next step is that there, needs to be a continuous evaluation, to check if the plan (the strategic plan that we just talked about )is working. This is done by focussed tests, sometimes based on individual chapters, combinations, units or even small subtopics. A teacher who has a good insight into the exam can set atestperfectly aligned with the syllabus. After you start attempting these tests, you definitely even modify your style of reading. The same chapter that you had already read probably four to five times before, now you read with a different exam perspective, mentally mind mapping what could be the probable MCQs in the text that you are reading. This is an important skill which is developed, only after getting tricked by such ‘ deceitful’  but clever questions in the test.

  • CRUCIAL 180 minutes( oops it’s only 175 , 5 are lost in invigilator formalities )

The training of how to use your three hours most efficiently is the most important skill.  Which subject to attempt first, in how many minutes you should finish that section,  how many seconds for 1 MCQ, even out of that how much time should you devote to read the question, in what manner you read the question and underline the important keywords and how much time you devote to look at the options and lastly how much time to make the circle on the answer sheet – all this comes from training. Another important decision is the tact with which you select the 10 out 15 questions in section B. What should be the thought process to eliminate two out of the four options in your unsure questions and how should you calculate the probability of getting your ‘ tikkas ‘ right. Whether to attempt such dubious questions, take a chance,  or just leave them. All this requires a lot of practice in guided mock tests. After the test is over,  only the doubts being solved is not enough. When the teacher personally asks you, why did you think of option A and not of option B,  the student is forced to check his own thought process. Guidance is also required about filling the answer sheet. Marking the answers as dots first on the question paper and not immediately transferring on the answer sheet was the most valuable advice given. During the first 10 minutes when your stress levels are high it is very likely that you make a transfer mistake. Transfer mistakes can ruin the best of students. Pen and paper tests are extremely useful, that too when supervised personally by observant expert teachers themselves. We know that – a stitch in time saves 9. The teacher makes you aware of the common blunders performed during those three hours under the duress of anxiety and running time.  It is better to make all possible mistakes in such mock tests and become wiser with each test. Even counting your marks mentally as you proceed gives you confidence that you have reached your base score and then helps you take that decision,  whether you want to attempt the difficult questions and try your ‘ tikkas strategy or just leave them if you are on the cusp of a safe score.  What ‘not to touch ‘ and let go is the most important choice at that time and can save you from losing that one crucial mark. We always need to remind ourselves that five wrong choices can cost you 25 marks which is a huge gap with a carrying capacity of thousands of students. Top 10 NEET Coaching Institutes In Pune

  • MEETINGSContinuous one on one as well as group meetings with parents and students makes sure that all are on the same page at all the time . Most parents are keen to participate in the training program and get a chance to be actively involved in this.
  • INTERACTIVE VIVAS  is another subset of the program worth mentioning. This is the best thing according to me. In the shortest possibletime ,a whole lot of content is revised and tested by experienced teachers. The reaction time of the student tells how well he is prepared.There and then , the doubts are also solved. Al these things can be done only if the portion is finished on time and there is ample time to conduct multiple revisions . NEET Preparation in Pune

Apart from the academic training a lot of modifications are required in the student’s life and the family as a whole. This is necessary to optimize the effort you put in and result that you get. A very simple thing I would like to mention. The final test time is 2 – 5 PM. Advice regarding fine-tuning you diurnal rhythm according to this time is very important and comes after apt advice and practice.Students tend to get bored after such a long period studying of 2 years without a break. There are constant cycles of elations and disappointments. This can be quite emotionally draining. It is very important to keep the child engaged and interested during such a long journey that too with an uncertain destination. During such crucial times, losing hope and confidence due to a bad score in a test is the worst thing that could happen to any student. Giving compassionate, yet right and stern advice is an art which only an experienced teacher can offer. Giving rest from studies and tests is also a part of training just like it in athletics or other sports. The rest allows you to switch on your neurons after a while, build your knowledge base once again and then reach your peak once again.

The best advice offered this time, was how to plan the exam day. What time will you wake up, have brunch ( most of us have to leave home by 9 am for a 2 pm exam ), what to eat for brunch ( like low glycemic starchy carbohydrates enough to fill your liver glycogen to last as a fuel until 6 pm )? Also how to spend those torturous 2.5-  3 hours in the hall before the exam. For those who don’t know, reporting time is generally 2-3 hours before the beginning of the test. During this time, you are forced to sit with a mask on your seat without a single thing with you. Forget the phone or book, you don’t even have a page or a pen. All you have is your admit card and a photo id. Advice was given how you will spend those 2 hours mentally revising your syllabus. A detailed list of the same was asked to be prepared previously itself.


A mentor plays a role not only of a teacher but also as a friend, guide and sometimes a parent. I would like to mention a small incident. A surprise phone call from Dr. Prabhu Sir on the evening just before the final exam telling an anxious boy to switch on the TV and watch Ronaldo’s goal rejuvenated a tired mind. Sometimes all you need is a person who can chat with you about anything except studies. And if your teacher himself is playing the same role, it is even better as he is also aware of your circumstances. Teenagers of this age are extremely emotionally labile and there are constant fights at home between stressed kids and anxious parents. At such times, you literally need a person of confidence to pacify the situation!! Many a time kids suffer from lower self-esteem after a bad test and sometimes even overconfidence after high score. Both can play havoc. At such times you need a partner,  who is not your parent,  but is brutally honest and guides you optimally to get back.

Studying smart and efficient is equally as important as studying hard. Otherwise, you will end up putting endless hours of hard work with no great output. Timely diagnosis of what is going wrong and intervention is crucial. All these processes are important to prepare you academically, physically, mentally and emotionally for that one day, those 180 minutes which will decide your fate in the exam.

Dr Himani Tapasvi

MD ( Radiology ) 

FRCR ( London )