On the fourth monday from today, you will be a free bird ! The whole ordeal will be a thing of past and there will be no ‘To Do’ list … Nobody sitting over your head, nobody asking you to study, nobody preaching, advising or guiding ….

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Feels so good to imagine ; and to enjoy that feeling wholely without any guilt, without any regret, we need to do something in these four weeks. That something is pushing your limits to the maximum effort you can put in.
This is the time of action. The final leap, the final act, the final push… And believe me it’s the most productive . Whatever stage of preparation you are in, hardwork in this final phase will undoubtedly improve your score.
Few points to get engraved in your brains:

Believe in yourself.

Don’t let the scores of one or two tests dampen your spirit. Always remember one who keeps trying definitely improves and finally excels. If You are preparing well , it will definitely pay off.
Keep yourself motivated.

Be focused.

We are really short of time. Don’t indulge in anything unproductive.
Procrastinating, getting distracted, overthinking, day dreaming, feeling over or underconfident, or this or that… All of it is a waste of time… Fruitless labour.
Just study ; try to have mindset of a soldier … Do your task . Keep your heart aside, only use your brain.

Be honest to yourself.

You can fool your parents but how will you cheat yourself? Understand all of this is about you and only you. Study sincerely. You shouldn’t end up with the regret that you didn’t try enough. Give your best; not for anyone else but for your self satisfaction.

Be a realistic optimist.

Don’t let yourself drown in self doubt and negative thoughts . Don’t speculate bad outcomes and possibilities. At the same time be realistic about your current stage of preparation, so that you can rise up from there.

Have a daily timetable.

It IS IMPERATIVE that you make a schedule of self study and have daily targets of completing particular portion.
At this stage, you should study for more than 12 hours per day.

Solve MCQS

MCQ solving is absolutely essential part of neet preparation. The more no.of mcqs you practice, the more you get precise and become more proficient in selecting the correct option.

Give mock tests:

The mock tests arranged in MP college are the closest you can get to the final exam, in all aspects. Give the tests without fail. Solve the complete paper after you go home, with the help of answer key and solution set.
Don’t forget ever that these tests are for testing your current level of preparation and to analyse mistakes so they won’t occur on the final day. Don’t get entangled in mock test scores and ranks.

Stay fit:

Maintaining physical and mental fitness is very essential . Eat healthy, have adequate sleep and EXERCISE. Do any form of exercise for atleast half hour daily.

Give your best children, miracles are nothing but consistent efforts ..!!

Dr. Sheetal Shrigiri,
Mbbs, DGO, Diploma in adolescent counseling.