Prof. Avinash Mishra

B.Sc. Tech (Electronics Instrumentation & Biomedical Engineering)

He is known for his cool and calm approach towards his subject Physics, which makes him unique. He makes sure that under any circumstances, the student should not be given extreme pressure as he believes that the best output is produced only when Pressure is minimum and self involvement is maximum. 

He encourages the students to cultivate the habit of planning their time for studies without compromising on their extracurricular activities which makes students more effective in learning as they do not feel the burden, but they still learn to understand instead of memorizing stuffs.

He brings the best out of students not by pushing them, but by encouraging them and making them understand the importance of the subject and studies. Students love him and always call him as a COOLEST Professor of Physics and they happily approach him for their problems related to Physics.

He has been a director of CCPT and have a teaching experience of over 15 years. His planning skills are an asset to our institution.

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