There are many things you have to consider before reaching the center or I would rather say you have to plan everything and perform it to its perfection. Best NEET Coaching institute in Pune

  1. You have to think that you have studied very hard for 2 years or more and you don’t have to allow any other mistakes like nervousness, tiredness to destroy your labour.
  2. Sleep well on the last night. I slept from 11:30–8:30.
  3. You don’t have to think that it’s a special day or so just think that you are going to a place where you will be given some easy questions and you have to solve them as you do regularly.
  4. You should have it fixed in your mind that most of the questions will be easy and you will be knowing how to solve them and you don’t have to blunder(I assure that NTA will not ask very tough questions.).NTA itself said that they will ask NCERT based questions only. My teachers also suggested that this year’s paper will be very easy.
  5. You have to solve the questions you can so that later you don’t regret that I knew this question but I wasn’t able to do it where I had to.

Now, talking about how to attempt the paper:

What I did that I had all the above 5 points in my mind.

Now, what happens they distribute the paper at 2 pm.

It took me 10 mins to fill the OMR sheet. Now you have 10 mins less. Many students panic at this point. I also panicked but not much.

So, I started with biology and was able to solve only 75 questions in first round. It was already 3 pm. I found biology, not at all easy. I had planned to do biology in 45 mins and what followed it that it took me 1 hour and solved only 75.

I did panic but not much.

Then, I went for chemistry and was able to solve 41 and left 4. It took 35 mins.

Now, I went to Physics. What happened here was that I wasn’t able to solve first 2 questions. I was destroyed. I looked at the others and found one girl crying. I didn’t know what to do.

What helped me here was my positive mindset.

I had two options move to question no. 3 or retry the first question.

I had in my mind that all the questions will be easy and I don’t have to regret it at home that I knew it but couldn’t solve.

So I went for 1st question again and it was so easy I can’t explain. This gave me a boost and I solved 44 questions in physics in 1 hour.

Now, I had 25 mins left.

The physics section gave me so much confidence that I when I went back to biology and chemistry section I laughed at myself that I didn’t solve some easy questions in 1st round.

In the end I had attempted 178 questions overall

Left 1 in Physics and 1 in biology.

I came out of center and gave my father a smile as I knew I will at least score 620.

So, the best way to attempt paper is:




But, if any other order fits you better you should do that.

I matched my answers at night and I was scoring 662 from Allen and Aakash answer keys.

Ended up getting 667 from the original answer key.

That day is till now the best day of my life.

I said to myself ‘I did it’ which I had dreamt of saying since last to years.

So, there are two aspects of preparation:

Proper daily study.

Planning how to give your 100% on the exam day