Must Read 21 Powerful NEET Preparation Tips

Must Read 21 Powerful NEET Preparation Tips

Best NEET Coaching institutes In Pune

Am I making progress in my NEET preparation? Do I have the right course? What else can I do to give the NEET exam my all? Each and every NEET applicant struggles with these questions. The competition is fierce and the government has made few firm decisions. NEET has made it more challenging. Best NEET Coaching institutes In Pune

About 12 lac students take the NEET exam each year, and only 30,000 of these individuals are accepted into government colleges after being shortlisted for counselling. Your chances of being selected for a seat at a government college grow by more than 50% when you make it into the first 3-5% of shortlisted candidates. Develop the mental habit of believing that you must be among the top 1% of all applicants. Never be negative and have no fear of the opposition.

Best NEET Coaching institutes In Pune
  1. Concentrate your mind on your study because unproductive thoughts waste time and energy.
  2. Your study plan for the NEET should be clear and simple to follow. 
    Recognize your boundaries and adjust your stretching.
  3. Depending of whether you choose to study in the morning or the evening, start each day by reading the NCERT biology chapter, and at the end of the day, go over the things you highlighted.
  4. It is beneficial to have a study plan for your preparation, but it should also be flexible.
  5. You can plan your day accordingly, but the most important thing is to stick to it. Aside from NCERT reading, students in Physics and Chemistry must solve 75-100 numerical and objective problems each day.
  6. Make a pocket diary to record important formulas and points that you can refer to at any time.
  7. Consume a well-balanced diet. Drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated. Take adequate breaks and sleep well in between study sessions.
  8. Read books that will help you develop your psychological strength. The Secret To Success by Anuj Khare is one such book that explains what it takes to be successful in achieving your goals.
  9. To overcome overthinking, always make an effort to study, no matter how small. Begin by studying for a short period of time and gradually increasing your effort.
  10. Try not to be a jack of all trades (and master of nothing). Focus on your strengths and try to improve your weaknesses, but don’t forget to polish your strong points.
  11. Seek assistance from teachers, seniors, or friends to understand topics in which you are weak. Don’t be afraid to seek assistance.
  12. Make good use of the internet during your preparation.
  13. Social media accounts should be deactivated.
  14. Maintain separate folders for chapter-by-chapter tests, half-syllabus mock tests, and full-syllabus mock tests.
  15. Remember that you are your own biggest critic! Be hard on yourself.
  16. Knowing the weightage of topics in each chapter is an important strategy for NEET preparation.
  17. It is a sin to memorise Physics formulas without first understanding the fundamental concepts. The majority of questions are indirect.
  18. Chemistry is a subject that requires you to solve equations and understand the structural formation of compounds, particularly in organic chemistry.
  19. Read, read, and read some more for Biology. Most Biology questions are straightforward, but there is so much information that even simple questions can be difficult to remember.
  20. Practice with books that are both limited and standard.
  21. Make sure to go over your entire syllabus.



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