How to Score a Perfect-360 in NEET Biology?

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Are you amongst those who are afraid when they think of the subject Biology in the NEET examination? Well, there is nothing to be afraid of. Best NEET Coaching institutes In Pune, Biology is a subject that needs to be understood and learned. It also include a lot of diagrams, and that requires practice. Well, the NEET exam is a National level exam for Medical Students. Hence, every year the number of students increase and as a result, the competition also increases.

The question paper of the NEET exams carries 180 questions, out of which 45 questions are for Chemistry and Physics and the rest for Biology where you can score 360 marks out of 720 marks.  to you the tips for getting the marks you want in Biology.

How to score 360 in biology

Now you might be thinking as to how to score 360 marks. Many students also have the question of whether 360 is also a good mark in NEET or not. Scoring 360 marks is not at all difficult, in the past years also students have acquired 360 marks in the Biology section, and even you can do it. But there are certain steps or rather tips that you need to follow. If you are serious with your studies and want to score 360 then you must go through this article which will explain