Busting Common Myths About NEET

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The NEET is a yearly medical entrance exam administered by the NTA (National Testing Agency). Every year, 15-16 lakh candidates undertake the NEET to get admission to medical schools across the country. Best NEET Coaching classes in Pune, Therefore, uncertainty and misconceptions are part of the rising popularity. NEET can be cleared on the first attempt with proper preparation and awareness. Let’s debunk the most common NEET misconceptions.

The misconception that it is only for high scorers:

This is not just a misconception, but it is also a reason why many students drop out of medical school. In fact, the eligibility

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requirement for the NEET exam is a minimum total of 55% score in your 12th-grade board exam. To be qualified to study medicine, you do not have to be a top student in every class. However, an individual’s commitment to the objective is crucial.

The myth that it takes forever:

It is indeed true that the medical program is lengthier than most other professional programs. However, why not? You are training to be a lifesaver for many people.  There is no denying that it requires a significant amount of time, but the journey seems to be worthwhile in the end.

The myth that one must be rich to study medicine:

This claim is absolutely false. A solid commitment to NEET preparation and a good score can get you into one of India’s top medical institutions, which are supported by the government. Furthermore, there are several scholarships offered for students to apply for and have their whole education funded.

Most difficult examination procedure:

Given the number of students attempting to clear the test to get admission to medical schools, it is no doubt that NEET is a challenging entrance exam. Every competitive examination involving admission to the nation’s best institutions would not be easy. However, it is a misconception that NEET is exclusively offered to top scorers. Any medical student who adheres to their preparation program will be successful with good guidance and commitment.

Drop out a year to study for the entrance exam:

It is another common misunderstanding that discourages students from pursuing a career in medicine. It is not necessary to drop out a year in order to properly prepare for the NEET exam. Deciding to skip a year to pursue a career in medicine is a personal choice. One does not have to skip a year when there is a proper preparation plan set to clear it. Your NEET score will determine your admission to a medical school.

Continuous studying is necessary:

Medical students, like any other professional students, must study. Medical professionals also explore other interests in addition to their studying. Finally, a healthy mindset prepares the stage for contributing more to the table, since mental awareness is essential in medicine. After all, a medical specialist of a high caliber can be of immense assistance to humanity as a whole.