5 important mistakes you should avoid in order to become a doctor. These are the things you should NOT do at any cost during your NEET preparation.

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Don’t be inconsistent with your preparation. Consistency is not about being in front of the books for more than 10 hours and giving no results. It’s all about making progress everyday. Even if you read less hours a day, make it as a habit. You should follow your schedule every day. Best NEET Coaching in Pune 
4-D Principle
Along with the Laws of thermodynamics, consider this principle too equally and ingrain it in your brain.
Devotion – Dedication – Desperation – Destination.
Remember these four words and follow them. Give your complete devotion to your NEET preparation. With dedication alone, you can reach your destination. Be desperate to be called as a doctor.
Being Mindful of your NEET preparation
Literally, switch off all the unnecessary things in your life until you complete NEET exam. Your subconcious mind tries to disturb you with all the gossips, social media posts etc. You need to train your mind to ignore them and be mindful of your objective in NEET.
Continue your hobbies
You need not give up your hobbies. Continue them as they will help you in reenergizing yourself. If you feel like reading, singing, dancing or painting, just do it. Make some reasonable time for these activities. Your hobbies gives you positive energy to concentrate on your goals.
one precaution: Instagramming or wathing Youtube can also be hobby but if you spend too much time on them, it will be an addict, not hobby. You should draw the line of control for yourself.
Disregarding NCERT
Here goes famous words from Bruce Lee:
“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”
His words applies to every goal we set in life. NCERT should be your buddy. So revolve your preparation around NCERT. If you feel like you have had read enough, still you have to explore more. Consider yourself a space scientist and NCERT is your universe. Explore more and more.
Hope these tips will help you in preparing for NEET. Feel free to comment and share your own experiences so that others can learn from your mistakes. More more such expert tips keep following the APMA Pune social media pages.

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